What is Playmaker?

Playmaker is a visual scripting solution. It has been used to make games such as Blizzards Heathstone, INSIDE, Dreamfall Chapters and many more. See the Playmaker show case here: Project Showcase

Essentially it allows non-programmers and programmers alike to quickly make gameplay prototypes, A.I. behaviors, animation graphs, interactive objects, cut-scenes, walkthroughs.

Artists and Designers can realize their creative vision without coding and unlock the power of Unity! Allowing them to focus on creating and brining their ideas to life without having to learn programming or another complicated pogram.

Programmers can extend what is already a powerful visual state machine. They can choose to interface with Playmaker via scripts, or extend Playmaker with custom Action Blocks.

Why Study Playmaker?

  • Unity Asset Store Best Seller
  • If I had to choose between Playmaker and Unity3D, I would pick Playmaker.
  • Ability to create games in Unity3D without knowing how to write a single line of code!
  • Intuitive Visual Editor with drag and drop features.
  • Highly Extendible with Addons for other Plugins to work directly within Playmaker (Gotta love that community/support!).
  • Works in both Free and Paid versions of Unity3D.
  • Active community with great support.
  • Has a 5 star rating with over 2400+ reviews.

Check out the reviews on the Unity3d Asset Store here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/3...