Are all the courses complete now?

More courses will be added over time, such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Modelling etc

Exisiting courses will have additional content added along the way.

How long do I have access to these courses once I pay?

It depends on the course and the option you have chosen. There is Life Time and subscription options.

The payment process?

Payments can be made via credit card with the secure Stripe system or via PayPal.

Subscription can only be done via the Stripe System.

How do I enrol in a course?

  1. After selecting the Buy Now option on a course landing page, you will be asked to:
    1. create an account (if this is your first time)
    2. or sign in to an existing account you own.
  2. Once you have your account and are signed in, you will then be redirected to pay for the course.
  3. Once Payment is made, you will be enrolled in the course.

What if I have a question not answered here?

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:

jonathan AT

Whats the difference your courses and YouTube videos?

This is a common question with any online course, and even books.

The main difference really comes down to course structure and the teacher. An online course is structured in such a way as to deliver key points. Whereas youtube videos are a collection that you have to search for and put together. So there is time spent searching online for the right content and a good teacher that you can understand.

In fact, a good teacher is worth their weight in gold. We have all had those teachers in school who were amazing. Turned a boring subject into something interesting. But we have also had the opposite, with a not so good teacher turning a subject we are passionate about into something that becomes a chore to do. So while you might be stuck with a certain teacher at an education institute you are attending. With an online teacher, you get to decide and pick.

Why can't it be free?

With regards the price of online courses. There is constant talks among providers in finding the right amount to charge a student. For my courses I have been advised to raise prices higher than they currently area to reflect the information and quality contained within them. For now I have left the price of my courses alone.

The reason why my courses are not free is to draw a line in the sand. When a student commits to buying a course, they are more likely to finish it and learn the skill sets they are after. The reason why this happens is that they have put their money on the table and said this is important to me. I want to get better in this area. It also has the advantage of attracting the right students I am after. The ones with the mindsets and attitudes to help build a community that supports each other.

So while there will always be free alternatives and cheaper courses. The experiences and communities will all be different. I could tell you things like, the number of videos recorded for each course goes into the hundreds with countless editing, revisions, and months of work, with only the best getting through. But whats more important to me is the students experience and goals in life. So when the student is committed and wants to learn, I will be there to help them. But they have to take that first step. Only then can I help them.

I have an Assignment/Thesis, will this help?

Honestly I would make my dinner in Unity3d and Playmaker if I could. I have used it in various research projects and in my own Assignments and Master Thesis at Universities. The tools are quite powerful and all my projects are now made with them. I generally won't take on any projects that don't use / allow the use of these tools.

In fact, a lot of research institutions and universities are now turning to Unity3d to help build the projects they are working on. It is becoming an industry standard in this area - you don't have to make just games with it; you can make many different types of applications / programs. Unity3d is simply a tool to help bring your ideas to life, whatever they may be in software.

I want to use Virtual Reality with Unity and the Latest Technologies.

A lot of people want to start making games and applications in Virtual Reality using the latest equipment, such as the HTC Vive. Fortunately, Unity3d is becoming an industry standard in this area; with most new technologies providing support for this platform. Courses are being created to help support students in this area. Any questions, or other areas you and your fellow students would like to learn; please don't hesitate to contact me to find out what can be done to help support you:

jonathan AT

Support for Students and Startups?

These courses were created to help support Startups and Students. As such, I provide huge discounts to help these communities to achieve their goals. My attitude is that I want to help support you if your starting off. If you are part of an existing company or Organization, I ask that you in turn help support us in providing for these communities. Thats why there is different pricing models for the same course.

For individuals part of a Company or Organization, I ask that you checkout the non-community editions of the online courses.

Is this your main Job?

I have my own Startup in Virtual and Augmented Reality. The online courses came about from wanting to help people. A lot of people would see what I am doing and would want to learn (this includes all sorts of people - undergraduates& postgraduate students, researchers, startups, existing companies, indie developers etc). I was doing my best to help as many as possible but there is only so much time in the day and I was repeating myself a lot. So I created my first online course with a road map for future courses to make. That way my online courses can act as an archive or trail to follow on how I went about creating my Startup and content.

Teachers, Education Institutes, and Company Training.

If you are a teacher, Education Institute or a Company looking into Staff Training and would like to:

  • Use my Content
  • or have Me train or teach

Please contact me directly. The online courses you see here are for individual basis and not groups / classrooms. But know that I am here to help and support you and will do all I can in that regard.